Dear Friend,

My name is James and I’m a Body Transformation Expert in the New York City Area.

If you are ready to achieve quantum leaps in your life…

If you are looking to be pushed, safely beyond your limits and comfort zones…

If you refuse to be average and know you are capable of much more….

If time is more valuable to you than money…

If you are tired of settling and putting up with mediocrity in general…

If you are ready to be called out on your bull$h!t and not take it personal.

Welcome to Ideal Being- I am here to shake you up, to wake you up.

Take action now and set up your transformation session.

Allow me to introduce you to your Ideal Being.

Are you truly ready to experience massive paradigm shifts and exponential gains?

It all starts with a transformation session. A chance for us to find out specifically why you haven’t reached your goals, get you working out of your comfort zone and fully understand what it takes to shape your body for life.

I have decided to open a limited number of spaces for FREE Transformation Sessions worth $150. If you would like to apply please complete the form in full and I’ll be in contact within 24 hours if not sooner.

James D. Ford III
Body Transformation Specialist