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I would highly recommend James for fitness training, not only is he passionate and knowledgeable but he makes working out fun, making you do exercises that work out muscles you never thought you had. He has amazing energy and will be dedicated to help you reach your goals. He has helped me tremendously and inspires me to be the best that I can. Focused, positive, and leads by example, James is a true professional who will care about you and your results. Helen S. 








James was my trainer at Equinox, and he is fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable about cardio, strength training and nutrition. He also has great energy and I always looked forward to our workouts. I highly recommend him. Dun W.








James was my trainer at Equinox and his energy and expertise made it a very positive experience. James had a great attitude and extensive knowledge in multiple disciplines that helped me formulate a plan that was essential in me reaching my physical fitness goals. His professionalism and positivity were invaluable in making a change to my regimen and life. For anyone serious about working with a trainer to help them make a difference in their health, James should be their first choice.-Travis S.


James is a professional, reliable, and highly knowledgeable personal trainer. He is always easily accessible and flexible with appointment times. During our sessions, he is extremely enthusiastic and always has a new routine specifically tailored to my fitness goals. James clearly has a passion for fitness and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. He takes a genuine interest in the success of his clients and makes sure that you push yourself to your limit during a workout. James brings 110% to each training session; if you do the same you will see amazing results. Steven S. 







I just finished my second package with James and must say that I’m very pleased with the results. He’s personable, yet tough enough to make you stick to your work out. I was clueless at first, but he helped me with correct form, nutrition and enjoyable work out routines. Jessica R. 


I started training with James in August 2012. I was the heaviest I had been in my life and wanted to get back to the athlete’s body I abandoned in college. After nearly passing out from exhaustion after our first training session, James helped get in the best shape I have ever been in. After two months I lost 15 lbs. and toned up significantly. After the third month I gained more muscle while maintaining my new lean body. With each passing month I see improvements not only to my physique but to my strength, cardio, and flexibility goals. James’ programs are dynamic and change with each session so you will never get bored working out which tends to happen when people go at it alone. He incorporates HIIT training, Cross fit, MMA, swimming, and good nutrition into my weekly regimen and I have a well-rounded sense of fitness so my body can easily adapt to new physical challenges. James is a great motivator and has lots of energy unlike some of the armchair drill sergeants you may have already run into at the gym. He allows you to pace yourself and struggle a bit but makes sure you want to push past your own mental blocks that are preventing you from achieving your greatest potential. I feel confident as a woman walking into any weight room because thanks to James I can outperform most men at the gym while still maintaining a feminine physique. I love the admiring stares as I perform pull ups. He is a truly awesome trainer that always has me laughing and having a good time during my workouts. And now I can also say he’s a great friend!  Caitlin C. 







I have had the opportunity to both be trained by James and to watch him train others. In all cases he was high-spirited, knowledgeable and highly respectful of each individuals’ unique goals and needs. A man of real character, James authentically cares about helping you reach your goals and he has an arsenal of experience and knowledge to help. His arsenal includes techniques involving strength-training, lifting, cardio-conditioning and nutrition. Finally, working out with James is just fun. When I am not pushing myself to the limit, we are generally laughing. Highly Recommended. Ken V. 









James brings his energy to every single session. Rain or shine his enthusiasm and good nature help you fly through grueling sessions. He is knowledgeable and explains the purpose of every activity. He is versatile and personalizes every session based on your results and feedback. I noticed a change to my physique almost immediately and my progress was consistent. He advised me on nutrition and other ways to maintain my results outside of the sessions. Strength training, flexibility, endurance training and weight loss…a tall order but coming up with routines specifically for me seemed effortless to him. I think he is a wonderful individual who gave me my confidence back and I will be forever grateful for that. – Dr. O.








James came highly recommended, but at age 52, I didn’t think that I would be able to follow an intense fitness program.From the start, the commitment to my goals was encouraging and I was motivated by his energy and infectious enthusiasm. James is impelling as he closely tracks my progress and adjusts my exercise routines where improvement is needed. He also offers advice on nutrition and overall healthy habits.After only two months, my body already reflects the focus of my customized Ideal Being program and the diligence of this young entrepreneur. As James was recommended to me, I would most certainly recommend him to anyone looking for real results! – Anita D.