Chief Motivating Officer

Bookworm, Fire walker,Sky Diver,Formerly Scrawny Bro

James’ self defined Ideal Being:  “ My ideal being consists of giving myself the best shot at survival without becoming weak and decrepit with age. I train specifically for longevity and performance. I must be able to defend myself and/or my loved ones in worst case scenarios. I refuse to be a victim. I refuse to not love how I look and how I feel. If it is within my control, I will control it.”
Happy, Positive, Tenacious, Reliable, Honest & Intense


Type-A Personalities/Executives/Producers/Actors/ Business owners/Housewives/Investment Bankers/Artists/Fashion Designers/Scientists/Athletes/Seniors/ Individuals looking for Intelligent,effective training ensuring safe, and rapid results.

James is originally from Queens. He moved to Dix Hills at the age of 13 where he wrestled at Half Hollow Hills West HS. Wrestling was fitting considering his relentless energy.He won 2nd in an Long Island tournament. An extremely likeable person from a young age, James was always busy with various teams, friends, etc. It was during his wrestling years that he first began associating his physical activity with personal temperament. More than just for appearances, training made him feel good and helped him stay focused.

At age 21 he began studying Siu Lum Hung Kuen, which is a southern Chinese five animal system. It traces its roots back to the Fukien Shaolin (Siu Lum in Cantonese) Temple. Its physical manifestations are based upon the movements of the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane. This exercise of physical and mental control is precisely the type of meaningful challenge that James has always strived to keep in his life.

James’ training style varies based upon his client, but it consistently charged with a super high energy. Another constant is the fun-aspect. It can often be a tricky endeavor to create an enjoyable atmosphere out of such a high intensity work ethic, but he does it well. He is non-compromising when it comes to form and will often educate without slowing the tempo of the session. James also is known for throwing creative aspects of martial arts into his sessions.

In addition to fitness, James is also an avid and skilled dancer. He has won numerous competitions and even studied at Broadway Dance Center in Liquid and Pop and Lock technique. He says, “Movement has always come natural to me.” His various endeavors clearly support that. Some other activities or hobbies include reading, snowboarding, archery, trap/skeet shooting and skydiving.

James’ commitment to health and wellness stems a lot from witness health issues from a young age within his own family. He knows first-hand the power and importance of taking care of yourself, but enjoying life while you do it. His outlook is contagious and his training style is effective. James’ clients consistently come back for more, and do it with a smile.